Now that our building project is nearing an end, we at Kiwi Kapers are taking the time to reflect on the many aspects of this project.  Firstly, and foremost we are grateful for you and your team, as you have turned our dream of increasing the size of our centre and upgrading our facilities into a reality. The staff and management would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your professionalism and understanding for the special conditions when undertaking the renovation at our centre.  You and your team had a positive attitude and a considerate nature.  For this we will be forever grateful.

The quality of workmanship and skill in dealing with the Council was impeccable.  Ending in a result that was outstanding.  Our centre renovations have been complemented by a large number of people in the childcare industry including MoE the Health Department, Fire Department, as well as the families and staff who are in the centre every day.  I have enclosed a set of before and after photos showing the miraculous changes you and your team performed.  Once again I want to thank you for creating this transformation and for taking such care and consideration.